Cheyenne/Arapaho governor hit during fracas at complex

Concho, Oklahoma (AP) 9-07

Opponents of Cheyenne and Arapaho Gov. Darrell Flyingman removed him from his office, literally, on Wednesday, his lawyer said.

One tribal legislator said a “mob” arrived about 10:30 a.m. and surrounded Flyingman.

“I’m scared to go to my office. I don’t think I’m safe out there,” said legislator Nelson Clark, a supporter of the embattled tribal leader.

Bureau of Indian Affairs police officers had to protect Flyingman, who was struck at least once during the tussle at the tribal complex, according to attorney Robert Lyttle.

The fracas followed a weekend recall election in which voters of the two tribes ousted Flyingman. The governor challenged the election results, claiming irregularities at polling sites.

In a written order issued late Tuesday, the Supreme Court for the two tribes denied Flyingman’s request to stop the recall election but said no one could be sworn in as the new governor until Flyingman’s appeals are exhausted.

“So basically, they’re standing up to the Supreme Court order,” Lyttle said.

Legislative Speaker Ida Hoffman and many of the tribes’ seven other legislators oppose Flyingman. A swearing-in ceremony isn’t needed for Lt. Gov. Harvey Monetachi to assume Flyingman’s office, Hoffman said in a statement.

“Darrell Flyingman is no longer the governor of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes,” Hoffman said.

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