Mescalero tribal president defeated in primary

Mescalero, New Mexico (AP) 10-07

Mescalero Apache voters have ousted the tribe’s president, who finished behind a former tribal president and a Tribal Council member in the tribe’s primary election.

Mark Chino, who took office in January 2004, came in third October 2nd behind former President Sara Misquez and Councilor Carleton Naiche-Palmer.

Misquez garnered 291 votes, compared with 264 for Naiche-Palmer, 241 for Chino, 160 for Oliver Enjady and 138 for Maria Saenz.

Misquez and Naiche-Palmer will square off in an election next month.

Misquez became president of the southern New Mexico tribe in mid-1999, following the Tribal Council’s ouster of Paul Ortega after he served six months as president.

Ortega was appointed president after the 1998 death of Chino’s father, Wendell Chino, who was the tribe’s leader for 43 years.

Mark Chino defeated Misquez in the tribe’s 2001 election for president, but the Tribal Council tossed out the results two weeks later in a voting machine controversy.

Misquez won a special election in January 2002.

Misquez and Chino again faced off in the November 2003 election, which Chino won.

Naiche-Palmer had challenged that election, alleging his name had been wrongly taken off the ballot the day before the tribe’s September 2003 primary election.

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