Arrest warrant for Hopi chairman quashed

Flagstaff, Arizona (AP) 11-08

An arrest warrant issued against the Hopi tribal chairman in an ongoing political dispute has been quashed at the chairman’s request.

Chairman Ben Nuvamsa says he now wants charges against him dismissed as well.

Nuvamsa, who was suspended by the Tribal Council during September, is charged with violating a tribal resolution and failure to obey a lawful court order.

Under the resolution that suspended Nuvamsa’s authority as chairman, he was to surrender tribal property issued to him.

Nuvamsa had argued that although it’s illegal to violate a tribal ordinance, it’s not a crime to violate a resolution.

The Hopi Appellate Court dismissed the arrest warrant Oct. 23.

Nuvamsa also has asked a judge to overturn his suspension.