Crow Tribe re-elects Venne

Crow Agency, Montana (AP) 11-08

The Crow Tribe voted Nov. 1 to re-elect Tribal Chairman Carl Venne and the current administration.

Venne, Vice Chairman Cedric Randall Black Eagle, Secretary Scott Russell and Vice-Secretary Darrin Old Coyote will maintain their offices.

Venne has been chairman since November 2002, when he filled an unexpired term after then-chairman Clifford Birdinground resigned. He was elected to his first full term in 2004.

In the primary election, Venne met seven challengers.

In the race for vice-chairman there were four candidates.

There also were four challengers in each of the secretary and vice-secretary races.

The top two vote getters advanced to the general election.

Venne withstood a court challenge to advance to the election.

Chairman candidates Burton Pretty On Top and Lloyd Hogan Jr., vice chairman candidate John Holds Jr. and secretary candidate David Turns Plenty Jr. jointly filed a protest alleging that Venne violated term limits, that election judges accepted bribes and that Venne selected election judges.

On Oct. 21, the Crow Tribe Election Commission threw out the protest, saying that it did not meet requirements outlined in the tribe’s election ordinance. The commission also considered the allegations outlined in the protest, but did not find any of them valid based on a fraud and irregularity section of the ordinance.