Santo Domingo Pueblo returns to traditional name

Kewa Pueblo, New Mexico (AP) March 2010

The tribal seal now says Kewa (KEE-wah) Pueblo.

Tribal councilors for what has been known as Santo Domingo Pueblo late last year unanimously changed the pueblo’s name back to what it was traditionally.

Former pueblo Gov. Everett Chavez, who proposed the change, says Kewa is how the tribe’s people refer to themselves.

He says it’s just going back to the original name for the pueblo between Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Chavez says the tribe is slowly changing signs and its letterhead.

State Department of Indian Affairs Secretary Alvin Warren says the change was disclosed at an All Indian Pueblo Council meeting in January.

During March, the operators of the Rail Runner Express commuter train announced a new train stop opening March 22 will be called Kewa Pueblo Station.