Historic Santa Ynez Valley mission to plant olive grove 7-07

SANTA YNEZ, Calif. (AP) - A 203-year-old mission in Santa Ynez Valley
is going back to its roots - its olive tree roots.

About 40 acres of flatland below the Mission Santa Ines will soon be
planted with the fruit trees, mission spokesman Michael Mahoney said
at a news conference Wednesday.

Photographs of the mission show that its lower field at one time
included an olive grove.

The project, to be completed in August, partners the mission with the
Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation and the Goleta-based
Santa Barbara Olive Co.

"Not only is an olive grove truly appropriate historically, it will
further enhance the stunning view across the valley from the
mission," Mahoney said.

In 1812, earthquakes heavily damaged the mission. In 1824, several
buildings were set on fire during revolts between soldiers and
Chumash American Indians.

The mission is asking the community to sponsor tree plantings, with
$5 for a single tree, and up to $4,000 for an entire acre of trees to
be planted in honor or memory of loved ones.

Once the trees have matured, they can produce revenue for the Land
Trust and the mission, allowing them to either sell the crops or to
try to produce olive-related products themselves.