Navajo court contends lawyer violating suspension

Window Rock, Arizona (AP) January 2011
The Navajo Nation Supreme Court has ordered a suspended attorney to stop issuing legal advice to his former client and explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt.

The court disbarred former chief legislative counsel Frank Seanez last year in a rare disciplinary hearing, then later reduced the sanction to a 49-month suspension.

The high court justices say they were provided documentation that indicated Seanez provided legal services to the Tribal Council while suspended and was paid the salary of chief legislative counsel.

The court gave Seanez a week to explain. The justices also want to hear from the Office of Legislative Counsel on Seanez’s continued employment.

Seanez’s attorney, Levon Henry, says he and Seanez are aware of the court order. But he didn’t provide an immediate response.