Lawyer, activist joins DFL Senate field 7-07

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Lawyer and environmental activist Jim Cohen said
Tuesday that he's joining the increasingly crowded group of Democrats
who want to take on incumbent U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman next year.

Cohen is billing himself as a "pragmatic progressive," saying he'd
seek to build coalitions and work across party lines. "I don't
believe in this slash and burn mentality, this polarization in our
politics," Cohen said.

Cohen, 64, faces some high-wattage opponents in the Democratic field,
with both humorist Al Franken and trial attorney Mike Ciresi vying
for the party's endorsement. Tax attorney Bob Olson and frequent
candidate Dick Franson are also in the race.

A Massachussets native, Cohen moved to Minneapolis in 1994 to work on
behalf of American Indian causes. In 1986, he ran unsuccessfully as
the Democratic candidate for Congress in Connecticut's 5th
Congressional District.

Throughout his career, Cohen has worked on behalf of a number of
charitable and public interest causes. He's made a particular focus
on environmental activism, working with the Sierra Club Legal Defense
Fund, the Environmental Task Force and as a founding member of the
Will Steger Foundation on global warming.

Cohen said he won't run in the Democratic primary without the party's
endorsement, and said he believes DFL activists will respond to his
long record of service.

"I think the real issue with the nomination is, who's got the most
relevant leadership experience? Who's made the most dedicated
commitment to public service? Who's shown the most constant and
effective advocacy on behalf of public interest causes?" Cohen said.

Cohen officially kicked off his campaign at a
restaurant in Minneapolis.