Montana Musicians play for Wild Buffalo

Bozeman, Montana (ICC) 4-09

On Saturday, April 11, seven musical acts will perform a benefit concert for Buffalo Field Campaign, a West Yellowstone-based front-lines wild bison advocacy group that works in defense of America's last wild bison, the Yellowstone population. The benefit is being co-sponsored by Buffalo Allies of Bozeman, a local group of concerned citizens who aims to help wild buffalo and those who work in their defense.

Buffalo Allies of Bozeman member Mark Genito describes his group's involvement, "We want people to enjoy awesome music, but we especially want to educate our community on the problems the wild herds face while also empowering them to help."

The event will take place from 4pm - 1:30am at the Pour House located at 15 North Rouse Avenue in Bozeman, Montana and features the music of 10 Foot Tall & 80 Proof, Jawbone Railroad, The Bridger Creek Boys, Thermal Grass, Comstock Lode, Greg Keeler, and Billy.

"A wild and free-roaming buffalo population is as important to Montana as having an old-time string band comprised of relatively attractive humorous people," said Walt Jones of Jawbone Railroad, whose band will be playing at the benefit.  "Since the latter is covered, we are proud to be part of the ongoing effort to restore sanity to the management of Yellowstone's bison population."

"We are troubled by the conflict that exists between the buffalo, a natural part of the ecosystem, and the brucellosis-free status of Montana," said Matthew Broughton, fiddler and manager of The Bridger Creek Boys.  "We hope that a sustainable and rational solution to this conflict can be reached.  It's unfortunate that the buffalo have to stay in the zoo instead of roaming free the way they did for thousands of years."

There is no cover charge but donations are welcome.  There will be speakers from Buffalo Field Campaign, Buffalo Allies of Bozeman and the Natural Resources Defense Council.  A silent auction featuring local items will be held.

The benefit was inspired and organized by Buffalo Field Campaign volunteer Art Brown.  Art had this to say about the event, "For me the primary impetus for organizing this benefit was to bring to the general public a heightened awareness of the true facts and reality of the inhumane, cruel, and unjust manner in which the buffalo are treated by the Montana Department of Livestock and Yellowstone National Park."

Buffalo Field Campaign is the only group working in the field, every day, to stop the slaughter of the wild American buffalo.  Volunteers defend the buffalo and their habitat and advocate for their lasting protection. For more information, video clips, and photos visit: