Mic Isham elected to head Voigt Inter-tribal Task Force for Great Lakes

by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (LCOTV)

Mic Isham of Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Tribe was elected unanimously as chairman of the Voigt Intertribal Task Force at its February meeting in Odanah, Wiscosin. 

GLIFWC’s Voigt Inter-Tribal Task Force is made up of representatives from 11 Chippewa bands from Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The duties of the task force are to deal with issues related to implementation of the Chippewa’s off-reservation hunting, fishing and gathering seasons.

Isham has a degree from Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin.  He started as wild rice intern in 1986 with the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC.)  He has served three terms as the chairman of GLIFWC's board of commissioners.
"Treaty rights are extremely important to my tribe."

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