United States/Canada Governments close border stations across Mohawk land (TV)

Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve (IndianCountryTV.com)

This clip produced by bundangbear for Youtube and sent to our website shows a short clip as he drove by the United States side of the customs bridges that have been closed by Canada and the United States.

The Mohawks did not close or blockade the bridge or border crossing themsleves.

While some individual Mohawks had protested and made claims of further protests and actions, the official Mohawk represenatives, and chiefs had not taken a position other than to oppose the arming of board guards. Canada vacated and closed their side of the border on the June 1, and the United States followed shortly there after

Custom official have been allowing Mohawk residents access to parts of their land through the opening of one lane.

This Youtube erroneiously claims that border guards were evicted from Mohawk land. The Canadian government voluntarily withdrew its custom agents from the crossing on June 1. The United States then followed suit on the US side by closing its border stations and for various safety  and operating reasons, the bridges across the internationaly waterways were then closed as well.

Brief Clip of United States side: Customs Border Site was closed voluntarily by Canada.

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