Kelly Jackson: What right to take Children?

by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (IndianCountryTV)

From the late eighteen-eighties to the nineteen thirties a federal government boarding school operated at Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin to re-educate Indian children. 

The effort by the government was "kill the Indian, to save the man."  This led to cutting young people's hair, scouring their heads with DDT, and punishing them for speaking their native language.

As hurt people continue to hurt others, the generation who went through the boarding school ended up harming their children and grandchildren through sexual abuse and other damaging behaviors.

The Lac Du Flambeau tribe is renovating the historic boarding school as a vehicle to examine, identify, talk about, and eventually heal from the inter-generational trauma.

Kelly Jackson serves as historic preservation officer for the Lac Du Flambeau tribe.

"What was it like back then, what's it like now, what's it becoming?"

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