Lorraine Norgaard: Anishinaabe Niijii "Friends of the Tribe."

Produced by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (IndianCountryTV)

During the Chippewa treaty rights struggle in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota many people both Indian and non-Indian unified.

Folks like Larry Levanthal, Rick Whaley, Dick Brooks, Sandy Lyon, Sharon Metz, Jim Zorn, Ken Toebe, Larry Nesper, Ron Satz, David Wrone,  Moose Speros, and Sue Erickson  are known as Anishinaabe Niijii or "Friends of the Tribe."

A non-Indian film maker Lorraine Norgaard from Duluth, Minnesota was also able to gather and promote information very effectively.

During the late nineteen eighties Norgaard produced a PBS special, "The Enduring Ways of the Lac du Flambeau People."  The movie illustrated the impact of the logging and tourist economy on the Ojibwe and the people's resilience through the affirmation of treaty hunting, fishing, and gathering rights.

In a recent interview in Bayfield, Wisconsin, celebrating twenty-five years of Chippewa treaty rights, Norgaard reflects on the fruits of the treaty rights movement.

"I'm still moved by our coming  together in unity to affirm the truth, the treaties, and the land." 


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