Edith "Essy" Leoso: The Blessings of Ojibwe Treaty Rights

Produced by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (IndianCountryTV)

Edith "Essy" Leoso and the other women on the Bad River Ojibwe reserve south of Lake Superior are responsible for caring for the water.

At the recent ceremony celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission Leoso used copper vessels to share water with everyone in the circle.

 As the world faces water shortages and  races to the Great Lakes Leoso reminds us to remember the spirits who take care the water.   We are born in water and remember the water can take our lives as well.
Leoso wants people to remember the billions and billions of gallons being retrieved from underground aquifers to fill up plastic bottles across the globe.  And our responsibility to the earth and water for our survival.

"The water ceremony helps us remember our survival depends on water."
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