Gerry DePerry: It feels good returning to Madeline Island

Produced by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (www.IndianCountryTV)                                                                                                

When Gerry DePerry got off the ferry on Madeline Island for a recent re-union he was happy at the landing to see the sign Boozhoo Beindigayin, which means, "Greetings, come in"

Many people found this sign welcoming.

DePerry and many other tribal people gathered on the island in late September to listen to speeches about Anishinaabe history, feast, and dance.

Speeches were given by Joe Rose Sr., Henry Buffalo, Dr. Rick St. Germaine, Robert Van Zile, Winona LaDuke, Paul DeMain, Frank Montano and several others in the crowd.

The non-Indian community helped prepare the feast.  

DePerry is happy the islanders reached out their hands in friendship to the tribal community.

"Great day.  It was a wonderful sharing of culture. It's good to be home." 


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