Paul Vallem: Processing REAL Wild Rice near Hayward, Wisconsin

By Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (www.IndianCountryTV)

Ever wonder about the signs, "Wild Rice: Three pds. for $9.99," on the outskirts of Ashland, Hayward, Minocqua, and Eagle River, Wisconsin? 

Why is the product so cheap?

Well, according to Paul Vallem, who's been processing REAL hand-picked, green, tan, and brown colored wild rice, since the early nineteen-nineties, the signs refer to cheap, hybrid, air boat harvested, uniformly black, cultivated, fertilized, herbicide, Minnesota and California paddy grown rice.

People who know the difference say the paddy grown rice takes much longer to cook and tastes like petroleum. After one cooking most gets thrown away.

The real stuff has a slightly chewy, nut-like flavor, cooks fast, and feeds more people. And the aroma is, well, heavenly.

Paul Vallem and Chris Smith process handpicked, REAL wild rice for more than two hundred Indian and non-Indian families in northwestern Wisconsin.

Contact them at 715 634 2536 or 715 558 2138.

"To preserve the wild rice we need to keep the water clean."

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