Nagaajiwanaang Language Program and Video Stack - 2010

Click into this File to watch programs recorded during the Nagaajiwanaang Ojibwe Language Camp workshop on the Fond du Lac Reservation June 24-27, 2010. Enjoy!!

#1. Nagaajiwanaang Language Camp Opening Pipe Ceremony

#2. Opening Introductions by Rick Gresczyk and Dan Jones

Nagaajiwanaang Ambe, Ojibwemodaa Immersion Camp on the Fond du Lac Reservation in central Minnesota. June 24-27, 2010 at the Kiwenz campground, Featuring fluent Ojibwe speakers, artists, craftsmen from around the Great Lakes region.

#3. Opening Introduction with Jim Northrup, Dan and Nancy Jones 

Ojibwe Language Immersion Camp on the Fond du Lac Reservation in central Minnesota, June 24-27, 2010. Four days of learning Ojibwe language, how to make hand-drums, ricing sticks and poles, Birch-bark baskets, pottery and hear six different fluent Ojibwe speakers describe events. This video features Jim Northrup, Dan Jones and Nancy Jones.

#4. Opening Introduction of Participants #1


#5. Opening Introductions #2

#6 Nagaajiwanaang: The Great canoe Race


 #7 Ojibwemowin with Rick Gresczyk #1


#8 Ojibwemowin with Rick Gresczyk Part 2

#9 Deweganake "Making a Drum"

#10 Gandaakii'ganak Bawa'ignanoog "Making Rice Knockers"

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