Moses Beaver: Preserving fish and deer meat

Produced by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (

Moses Beaver grew up in the Canadian bush about five-hundred kilometers north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Hunting, trapping, and fishing he remembers life before snowmobiles and electricity. His family used dog teams for their hunting trips.

He's from the Nibinamik First Nation, the community is also known as Summer Beaver.

He didn't speak English until he was seven or eight years old.  Becoming an artist at an early age, Moses Beaver draws and paints the many stories he heard on the trap line from his elders.

Moses Beaver website

Beaver is also skilled with an ax, a knife, and a rifle. He's using his expertise over the next month in northern Wisconsin to teach bush survival skills at the Teaching Drum Outdoor School near Three Lakes, Wisconsin.

Teaching Drum Outdoor School website

Whispers of the Ancients website

This past week Beaver and his students have been building a traditional smokehouse from balsam poles.

"Smoking racks help you preseve your meat without refrigeration."

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