Rick Whaley: Remembering Walt Bresette and the Seventh Generation

Produced by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (www.IndianCountryTV.com)

During the struggle over Chippewa treaty rights in the late nineteen eighties an Anishinaabe activist Walt Bresette from Red Cliff joined with an Irish-American, Milwaukee civil rights advocate Rick Whaley. 

The two men organized a peaceful "witness," presence at the volatile and dangerous boat landing protests in northern Wisconsin. They documented their multi-racial, multi-class, alliance in the book, "Walleye Warriors: The Chippewa Treaty Rights Story."

Last September  Rick Whaley participated in an Anishinaabe re-union on Madeline Island, near Bayfield, Wisconsin. Madeline Island was one of Bresette's favorite places. A place of inspiration.

Along with Rick Whaley, Tom Busiahn, Robin Goree, Jan Conley, Judy Pratt-Shelly, and Frank Koehn, Walt Bresette imagined the Seventh Generation Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Seventh Generation Amendment

The amendment needs some more sponsors.

"It's good to remember Walt Bresette's contributions and vision."


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