Biskakone: Art at Lac Du Flambeau (Waswagoning)

Produced by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (                                                            

Visit a classroom filled with indigenous children and almost everyone is a gifted, aspiring artist.

According to Greg Johnson at Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin a large percentage of older tribal members, too, self-identify as artists.

Greg Johnson is the art director for a new storefront at Lac Du Flambeau featuring indigenous art. Just a few examples, are birch bark baskets, bead work, antler carving, fish decoys, and moccasins.

More than two dozen artists are represented.

Johnson is both a gifted beader and hunter.

Along with the storefront Northwoods NiiJii Enterprise Community supports professional consultation for native artists for marketing.

Earlier this fall, Northwoods NiiJii hired Menominee singer Wade Fernandez to host a leadership workshop.

The goal is to provide artists with business knowledge and skills to achieve self-sufficiency through their art.

Northwoods NiiJii

"My grandma said, when you can bead you can always eat."


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